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Meet The Denizens

Hubcap House is a project-based collective making cool stuff. Taking its name from the dilapidated rental house where a group of close-knit film and theater students lived while attending Florida State University in the mid-90's, Hubcap House is now the spiritual home for work that evokes the energy and exploration of that creative commune of yore.


Here are some of the key collaborators who have crashed here along the way.

Neil Butler is a writer, filmmaker and educator who has also worked as a development executive in film and TV. His work includes the shorts Herzog & Morris and Lost Tribe and the musical feature Lewis & Klarq. He holds a BFA from the The College of Motion Picture Arts at Florida State University and currently serves at Production Manager for Ghetto Film School in Los Angeles where he works with the next generation of great storytellers.

The original Hubcap House
Production still from "My Psychedelic Summer" J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, Jason Chimonides

Jason “Hemo” Chimonides is a writer, director, actor and composer/performer who feels fortunate to have come of age during the Last Act of the Analog World. These days Hemo is quietly astonished when reflecting on the vital, synergetic furnace that got lit at the original Hubcap House thirty years ago, and how little it required in the way of laptops and smartphones to roar a mighty red! Beyond his HH works, Jason received his MFA in Stage Direction at Florida State and spent almost two decades teaching and directing Theatre and Guerilla Filmmaking at the college level, principally at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he gained tenure in 2013. Since entering the Dad-o-Sphere in 2016, Jason now keeps his Hubcaps glossy as a Stay-at-Home Parent to two pre-schoolers, sketching ideas in crayon on cardboard.

Pat McDonnell is a cinematographer, photographer, and editor who has logged more than 20 years shooting in the outdoors. In 2001, he created Medicinebleu Films, which specializes in documenting the humble ambition of ordinary people around the world who work to make a difference in their communities.


Styled as a lo-fi grassroots collective, Medicinebleu Films has taken McDonnell to Nepal, Patagonia, Belize and Ecuador to shoot both stills and live action for what he identifies as “passion projects” raising funds for medical relief.

Whether he's capturing high-adventure river trips in the Southeastern U.S. or documenting the enduring human spirit in far-flung regions of the world, McDonnell's DIY mentality helps him thrive in the most impossible landscapes. He is a graduate of the school of Television, Film, and Recording Arts at Florida State University.

Lewis & Klarq Production Still
"Lewis & Klarq" alternate poster concept

Io Perry is a Canadian-American composer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Her work has been heard on Adult Swim’s Moral Orel, Beforel Orel, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole stemming from a long-standing collaboration with Dino Stamatopoulos. Perry and Stamatopoulos also share the stage with their band Sorry About Everything whose 3rd studio album Duets for Marionettes was released in 2022.


Io has written and produced numerous studio albums including Greybay (2005), Split Yourself in Two (2007), and Sailor’s Wave (2009). As a multi-instrumentalist, she has also been sought out as a studio and touring band member with acts such as Tito and Tarantula, Old Hickory, Project K, and The Green and Yellow TV. Io holds an Artist Certificate in Film Scoring from UCLA. Check out her website for more.

Donald A. Guarisco is the person behind the affront to High Culture known as He has a BFA Degree in Film from Florida State University and has written professionally about pop culture for over a decade. His work in the online arena includes reviews and essays for Yesterdayland (now known as Retroland), All Music Guide, All Movie Guide, AVManiacs and The Temple Of Schlock. His reviews have also been published in several All Music Guide publications and DVD Delirium 3.

Jodi Hertz-Jones is a Studio Producer/Creative Director living in St. Louis, MO who has been working in the Design field since 1992. Since completing a BFA in Studio Art at Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville, she has worked with a litany of local and national clients including Bacardi USA, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Johnson & Johnson, Campbell Snacks, and Energizer. Check out samples of her dynamic work on her website.

Anders Walker is a gentleman and a scholar. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his beautiful wife and two daughters. In his free time, he likes to press pause, reflect, and play chess against computers. 

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